Mothercare 3-Way Baby Carrier

Mothercare 3-Way Baby Carrier


Product Description

Age: Birth – 12mths

Brand: Mothercare

Product description:

A black nylon fabric baby sling which can hold baby in either a front position facing you (from 3.5kg), a front position facing out (from 3 months), and a back position (from 6 months). The sling comes with a lumbar support, removable head cushion, two dribble bibs, a dummy holder, and black net storage bag. Suitable from birth to 12kg (approx 12 months).

GOOD POINTS: The carrier is very reasonably priced. It is a very practical sling and can be used to carry baby both round the home and out and about. The carrier is simple to put on and importantly, is easy to get baby into and out of on your own (and even one-handed!). It is fastened together using a number of adjustable straps to suit you and your baby’s body sizes.

The carrier is made from padded breathable (and machine-washable) material, and its ergonomic design spreads the weight well across your front, shoulders and back, which makes it very comfortable to wear. The lumbar support not only eases the pressure on your shoulders, but also holds the baby into your body. The head cushion is suitable for supporting a newborns head and neck, and can simply be detached once your baby gets bigger. The dummy holder prevents your baby’s soother from being lost should it fall out whilst they are in the carrier.


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