Cedarmont Christian Songs for kids 4 DVD Box Set

Cedarmont Christian Songs for kids 4 DVD Box Set



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All the well-loved songs from the individual DVDs- Toddler Tunes, Preschool Songs, Silly Songs, Action Bibles songs, Sunday school songs, are all together in one collection.

In this live action sing-along set, you’ll get lots of  back-to-back music videos for kids, over 300 minutes of live action sing-along video

Kids learn by seeing and doing. On this DVD, they’ll see real kids doing things they all like to do. Also, the DVD includes liyrics and split-track versions so that kids can sing along.

Most of all, kids love the music. Odds are you’ll know most of them; why not share them with your kids, too!


Recommended for ages 2 to 10yrs

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